Brewery Advertising and the Continuously Prevailing Beer Market

The beer market is one of the largest in the food retail business. In fact, it is worth over 50 billion dollars with majority of the market share belonging to Anheuser-Bush at almost 50 percent. Brewery advertising is as critical as ever as the market aims to sustain its status in local and worldwide scene.
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The rev James  Gold  , New pump clip front

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Murphy Irish Stout Traditional Pub Ashtray

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Brewery Advertising

These days both men and women are beer drinkers. Although there is still this thinking that beer beverages are a manís drink, many women are now also serving a small percentage of the market. Marketing and advertising of beer products have now considered developing the two niche gender markets and there is a huge expectation on the increase in the potential of new and existing beer brands.

For continuous branding purposes, many breweries come up with different ways to let people remember and recognize their brands immediately. There are continued efforts in clinching that status of being a household name or first-in-mind product when it comes to beer drinks.

There are many ways that these breweries try to preach about their products. Big or small merchandise items, curious TV ads, radio commercials, or billboards were the tried and tested ways. The Internet is the latest.

With more and more new players hopping into the beer market scene, brewery advertising will continue to evolve around the traditional and extend towards the more revolutionary and innovative. What the consumers can get out of this is the assurance that with so many players offering their own brands of beer, much can be expected out of quality and so much more out of the marketing merchandise goods, too.